NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO A WILLING HEART. – Dla chcącego nic trudnego.

WHERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY. – Tam gdzie chęć, tam jest I sposób.

DOING IS BETTER THAN WORDS. – Lepiej robić niż mówić.

A FRIEND IS NEVER KNOWN TILL NEEDED. – Nie pozna się przyjaciela  dopóki nie jest w potrzebie.

A GOOD DEED IS NEVER LOST. -  Dobry czyn nie zostanie zapomniany.

DILIGENCE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS. – Pilność jest matką powodzenia.



Śląsełka, czyli w Betlejem po Śląsku






‘We are good actors, aren’t we?’  :)

On 20th December our class, 2D, performed a Christmas play called  ‘Śląsełka, czyli w Betlejem po Śląsku’. The preparations began two months before this event. At the rehearsals were lot of fun. We were singing carols with our teachers. At first our singing wasn’t very well, but soon it got much better. Before performance everybody changed into their costumes which were really fantastic. We did the play twice. The audience was quiet and really interested in our performance, which was really pleasant. We had some hard times, but we learned a lot about team work and showing a performance. So coming back to the question in the title, we  think,  that everybody who saw our show, could say: ‘Of course!’.

Emilka Skwarek, Mira Sąsiedzka, Alicja Chmielewska, Olga Kwoczak





Our projects with preschoolers

By today our class has taken part in a lot of events which were mainly associated with pre-schoolers. The whole cooperation with kindergardens started in June 2013, when we organised the first meeting. It was our little celebration of The Children’s Day which is on the 1st of June. It launched a project, which lasts till today. We had a pleasure to take part in Health Academy that contains Little Bear Project, too. Little Bear Project consists of a series of meetings mainly about school subjects, one for a month. The first was in October and the last, which summited the whole series, in March. At the same period of time we organised a party associated with Santa Claus Day. To make it funny we dressed up as famous Disney’s characters. Of course, we couldn’t forget about presents, for example sweets and some little toys. We could also challange ourselves as teachers played with kids and sing in foreign languages, for example English or German. Everyone decided that it was great and hoped to come back there soon. After those months of working with kids we learned many nice things. It was really interesting experience and we hope we’ll continue it next year.

Ula Faron, Gosia Janas, Maja Matuszewska, Zuza Michalewicz





Foreign Language Lessons

On 2nd October 2013 some pupils from our school had a chance to be the teachers of foreign languages. They prepared the class for their younger schoolmates from the primary school no 9.

We were cordially welcomed, given name badges and shown the rooms where we were supposed to teach the children.

Kamila Gradzik and Martyna Pawlak were the teachers of French. Martyna Kałuża, Martyna Machura, Olga Telinga, Joanna Łempicka and Zuzanna Parczewska prepared a German lesson. Ula Faron, Gosia Janas, Emilia Skwarek, Zuzanna Latos, Zuzanna Michalewicz, Piotr Korfanty, Patryk Matuszny and Przemysław Starzak taught the children English.

The lessons were great and everybody seemed to be pleased. Our little students were really eager to learn new things as we prepared special language games for them.

Now we can definitely admit that the job of a teacher isn’t that easy :





In our class, the help with homework is on a really high level.

If someone does not  know how to do, for example maths homework, he or she can ask his friends and I am sure, our class would help this person immediately.

In our class 2D we have some very nice people, like Ala and Julia. They help us whenever they can.

We often help each other on a facebook. Sometimes we just simply ask if we don’t know something and wait for somebody to answer it. Also, we post photos of lessons and contents of homework. For this kind of tasks we’ve created our own class site. It makes our communication much faster and simpler for everybody.

We also help each other in school, at  any lesson if you don’t understand something just tell whatever the problem is to any person and you’ll get answer in no-time.

Maybe you were sick and you need to know what you missed at school? That’s not a problem either. There are hundreds  of people who are willing to help you.

One question remains: who’s the most helpful in our class?

In my opinion the help among classmates is something normal, but there are some unusual people in this matter:

- Ala - Ala is a very helpful girl, who lends you everything  you need like notebooks, pencils etc.

- Julka – She’s a very intelligent person, who always can tell you how to do maths or physics homework.

But there are also some helpful boys too:

- Grzesiu - He puts all "extra material that you need to pass an exam" on the facebook and he also lends a lot of things.

- Wojtek - He gives you notes or help with any problems. If you were absent he can help you even if you don't ask.